Meet the Winemaker - Catarina and Francois Buisine, Domaine Longue Tubi

The adventure of the Buisine family starts from a passion for vines and wine, Catarina and her husband François took advantage of this great terroir with so many interesting varieties. Their wines are inspired by this beautiful land of Provence and by their own personalities and experiences.

Tell us more about your estate

We run a 21-hectares estate with sustainable methods and farming, from the vineyards to the wines, we take care of the soil and the vines to improve each year the quality of our wines.
Their aim is to provide wines with strong Provence identity, with no compromise on quality.
Settled in a soil with deep roots, we bought Domaine Longue Tubi in 2001.
Located in Flassans-Sur-Issoles, the vineyard spreads out on valleys and calcareous hills between the Maures and Sainte-Baume mountains.
In sun-soaked Provence, the vineyard is regularly in the heart of the gentle and soft Mistral wind.
We have both a degree in Agronomy and share the same passion for winemaking, we have been working in Provence vineyards since 1984. In 2012, we decided to produce our owns wines. Our genuine relationship with vines and lands naturally led us to sustainable winegrowing and organic wines.
From the planting of the vines to the blends of their different wines, we are particularly careful about each stage of the winemaking process. We make very thought out crop choices to get the most out of each vintage and to keep us in a continuous improvement process.
How would you define your wines, which specific characters are you looking for?

We are trying to make top quality wines by respecting the true expression of our terroir. We make different wines for different moments, wines which can enjoyed either by educated people or people who only want to have a good time drinking our wines.
 The greatest wine you have ever had?
Quinta da Romeira blanc (Bucelas appellation) due to the originality and good balance of the Portuguese grape Arinto and Domaine Longue Tubi Cuvee Origine blanc 2013, 100% Chardonnay due to its complexity and its nice ageing potential.
What are the main qualities to do this job?

A good winemaker must be observant, patient, persistent and have very good technical skills.
What are your expectations for your wines in the US market?

I would like to find customers who are curious, open minded and willing to discover not very famous wines, I want to be recognized on the US market as producer of good quality wines which respect the environment.
Our wine from Domaine Longue Tubi
Domaine Longue Tubi, Cotes de Provence 2016                
This organic rosé wine has a nice pink color, complex aromas with spicy notes, in mouth, it is well balanced, elegant with a long finish.
70% Grenache, 20% Cinsault and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon