Domaine de l'Anticaille

The farmers from Trets used to meet to celebrate the end of the harvest and dance “l’Anticaille” farandole in the crushing place which still exists today. This dance from Provence has given its name to the domain.

To celebrate the history of the domaine, each cuvee of the chateau is named after a dance.

Located near Aix-En-Provence between the Olympe mountain and the famous Saint Victoire mountain which has inspired the painter Paul Cézanne, this 35 hectares’ estate has been in the Féraud family for 5 generations (1850).
It is now run by Frédéric Féraud who has been running the estate since 2012, he didn’t hesitate to give up his job as a lawyer to become a winemaker when his father needed to pass the baton.

Regarding the soils, they are very poor, not to deep and can be heterogeneous on a same parcel.

It is a land with various terroirs which gives low and concentrated yields to make great wines.

Since 2012, the vineyard has been largely restructured while preserving the balance between old and young vines.

The cellar of the estate is one of the oldest in Provence (built at the beginning of the 20th century), it has been modernized to produce high quality wines.

Frédéric is dedicated to pursuing the family story which started by his ancestors and especially by his grandfather, this is an inexhaustible source of motivation for him!