Domaine Bel Avenir

We can say "authenticity" when we talk about this estate,  this third-generation owner Alain Dardanelli and his wife Cécile had high aspirations for this Beaujolais domaine, which in a short time period has acquired land in some of the best Beaujolais appellations. In 1986, after Alain's father passed away, they decided to run the estate by themselves and to extend it. 

Cécile used to work in the communication sector but from 1986, she made a 180 degree turn, she went through hard times but now she will never swap her boots for her heels! "Making wine is a matter of patience, we have to work with nature, respect for it. Vine is deep-rooted, each year, when we produce a new wine, it is like a rebirth." Cécile often compares her job as a wine grower with Haute Couture because the words and the skills to make it are the same : "elegance, color, robe, cut, silky"...). 

As it is a small estate, they have to handle several tasks, Alain is more in the vineyard dealing with vinification and vineyard management, Cécile is more in charge of administrative and commercial matters but they always taste wines throughout aging process. In order to highlight and develop their heritage, they always care about the choice of the terroir, they now have a 18 hectares vineyard and they are very proud to welcome their daughter Laura who will make her own wine this year. 

Bel Avenir, French for bright future, perfectly embodies the ambition of Alain, Cécile and Laura to create Cru Beaujolais wines with remarkable complexity and personality.