About J wines

At J wines, we believe in a direct connection between those who enjoy making the wine and those who enjoy drinking it. By enabling this direct connection, we are able to offer a selection of wines at a much more competitive price to quality ratio than the traditional market and its multiple intermediaries.

J wines sells to consumer the wine our sister company H wines imports to WA.

H wines and J wines are led by Julien Hervet, a French expat, with a passion for wine and sharing with Washingtonians wines his friends and family enjoy back home! 

Our wines

We have 2 labels in our collection:

- Wines from "Bernard Magrez Vignobles". Bernard Magrez is a world renown winemaker, owner of more than 40 wineries all over the world. We are humbled to represent Bernard Magrez Vignobles exclusively for WA State.

Les vins de mes amis, those are the wines that our friends and family put on the table when we visit... Up and coming winemakers, rarely imported in the US, who represent a great value in their terroir.

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